Get all your business communication at one place using corporate messenger

As people constantly connected to smartphones, the majority of us have adopted messaging as our favored method of quick communication in our personal and professional lives. Accordingly, intuitive, effective group communication apps, or business messaging apps, have turned out to be a basic need to companies either small and huge.

Instant messaging is one of the earliest created network-based tools that stands as the basis for all of the corporate or personal groups. Basically, every collaboration tool available in the market provides you an instant messaging feature along with voice, video or screen sharing features.

Have a look at an instant messaging app Zangi that is designed to be used within a private corporate network. Zangi corporate messenger allows you to create private and secure messaging network. You can send and receive the message, voice message, file or screenshot or start multi-user chat sessions.

This app boasts the following features:

HD quality voice and video calls: Go to the next level of communication through HD-quality voice and video calls which let you meet virtually face to face and collaborate in real-time with your business colleagues or clients.


Allows an uninterrupted communication: Designed to work in low data speed even on a 2G network, this messenger app allow the employees within a firm to communicate with not only co-workers, but also customers, partners, and vendors outside the company and without any restrictions in a very secured environment. All the chats, messages or other related files are fully encrypted in both directions as it does not store any of your data on the servers.

Add Mobility to Communication: Easy to install on any android or iOS phone, this app allows to access it anywhere and anytime. This flexibility makes the communication between your employees more reliable, easy, fast and secure as well as increase the efficiency of the business.

Easy customization: Corporate messenger is fully customizable and you can add any feature and design it your own way. Also, by keeping your messenger name and theme according to your business, you will make it easier for your clients to find you.

Security-Enabled File Transfers: Now you can safely collaborate and share documents of any size and any type across mobile with your colleagues, partners, and customers using this app. So, now you no need to worry about employees using smartphones and tablets to exchange confidential data.

Are you using Zangi Messenger in a unique, unlikely way for your business? Boost business efficiency with our integrated corporate messenger. Get the most secure messenger for your business that works everywhere assuring complete security and reliability.