Get a secure and stable business messenger for professional communication

In today’s competitive business environment office communication has become very crucial to improve a business’s efficiency. We are familiar with sending emails to discuss upcoming or ongoing projects, making phone calls to inquire about a project’s delivery status and even walking into a colleagues office to have a in-person discussion. In all these situations, when it comes to the fastest way to deal with the situation, instant messaging is the best option available.

Free messengers like Skype, Yahoo and MSN are popular choices these days. These messengers allow you to share text, pictures, files, make video calls and are mainly free. As a new and more efficient alternative to these other platforms we suggest the use of Zangi Business Messenger. Here are some of the advantages you can find with Zangi:


1) Fully-secured: Unlike any other free messenger, Zangi encrypts all your data ( like financial reports), or any client data or any other sensitive information transferred through the instant messaging network. Best of all, no messaging data is stored on any servers, meaning that no one can access the information other than the users.

2) Increase productivity: Using this business messenger, one can quickly and easily communicate to save time and increase productivity.

3) Easy to customize: Zangi allows its customers to customize it with all the features you need. You can personalize Zangi with your company name, logo and color scheme to completely fit with your branding.

4) Save Space and Cash: This messenger also proves its worth when it comes to long-distance telephone calls, there are no per-minute charges when you make a call. It also replaces long email reply chains that were eating up your valuable server space.

In general, Zangi Messenger is a secure and stable option for business communication. Choose Zangi Messenger to replace emails and phone calls for your office today.

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