Free VoIP Android softphone dialer with voice, video calls and instant messaging

Softphones use the power of VoIP technology to a level where you no longer need to empty your wallet to enjoy seamless communication. The past few years have seen an incredible rise of multiple VoIP applications, which allow the use of internet calling without ever purchasing any additional equipment and other expenses.

Nowadays, one can simply have an Android Softphone running on a mobile device in less than 5 minutes by simply installing a application. Zangi is one of the leading VoIP softphones for Android mobile phones and tablets based on open standards, compatible with all VoIP providers, software, and devices using the SIP protocol.


Initiate and receive free or low-cost international calls via your preferred network, ranging from 2G/EDGE to satellite or overloaded Wi-Fi. Zangi will deliver the best call quality for your environment by automatically adapting to your network capabilities, and avoiding unnecessary roaming costs. Aside from video calling features, this app offers various premium add-ons. Zangi also offers an accessible interface that utilizes the device’s existing contact list to further ease communication and functionality.

The Android Softphone for Android has carved its niche in the market, with a full feature set suitable for business usage which includes several branding and customization options. You can easily customize the softphone with your brand name and color scheme to fit perfectly with your branding. With easy customization and a long list of features, this app will provide everything which you need to leverage the power of VoIP communication.


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