Save resources and minimize communication costs with an instant business messenger

For small businesses and startups, instant communication is important for project collaboration and communication, especially when you are working with global clients, remote employees or projects that need immediate attention.

An instant messaging service like Zangi enables you to problem solve on-the-go, whether you need to share information, sending large files in real time, or set up a video conference call. Along with a messaging function, this user-friendly business messenger also provides a variety of functions, such as video chat and even conference calling options.

With more and more people using the app, it’s becoming a popular way for businesses to communicate directly with their customers. Here are some reasons on why you should look into Zangi to provide your business messaging solutions.

Connect employees on mobile platforms

Zangi now delivers a rich communication experience even while employees are in transit. This app is available for all the major platforms such as iOS and Android, let your employees log into an internal system to let them converse via text-based instant messaging, instead of email. You don’t need to be worried about messages not being sent or received as it works under any network connection: from 2G/edge to noisy Wi-Fi networks.


Leverage an entire productivity suite

Today’s messengers are no longer limited only to mere text messaging. They include a wide array of features all designed to help employees enhance their overall productivity. Share not just your ideas with your co-worker but also large multimedia or text files through file transfer protocols that are built into the business messenger. These files can include not only text but also multimedia content.

Communicate in a fully secure environment

Insta-office messenger let you communicate in a totally secure environment using 256-bit encryption much like banks and other financial institutions. Hence all corporate intelligence remains safe behind the corporate firewall.

Minimize regular communication costs

This messenger is a helpful tool for the small businesses who communicate with their clients in real-time. Zangi, the business messenger is free to use and there is no per minute charges or increased call rate. Thus, you can forget all those long email reply chains and one-line messages that eat your server space. Save resources and minimize regular communication costs with this unified business communication system.

Build up your brand

When it comes to the customizing our messenger apps, you are able to personalize the application with your company name, logo, color scheme, and even custom emojis. Getting an app customized for your business will also help you to strengthen your brand name. You can integrate customization of its design and its features according to your needs.

Basically, the addition of Zangi business messenger is like having an added marketing channel for your business and providing customers with the ability to communicate directly with a brand.


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