Zangi, a free VoIP softphone dialer with voice, video and instant messaging features

A VoIP softphone app is a program that installs to and runs directly from your phone. This app gives you the ability to make calls with over a VoIP service. Skype, Gtalk, and iChat are some of the more popular services, but there are many different platforms to choose from.

Companies often have their own proprietary softphones that are configured specifically for their business. An app like Zangi can help you to smoothly transition from a traditional phone environment into the world of VoIP. International and long-distance call rates are much more affordable when using a VoIP softphone, so those who make regular or frequent international calls can save on a major expense. Softphones are also a good choice for small and medium size companies who can save money by cutting their connections with high-priced traditional phone companies.


Zangi is one of the most advanced VoIP softphone apps available, with excellent HD voice quality and easy setup. Install Zangi on your phone and make crystal clear, echo free, voice or video calls through any connection ranging from 2G/EDGE to satellite or overloaded Wi-Fi. You simply need to download and register on the free app and open the softphone application to make calls. Whether you want to make a simple voice call with your business associate or an in-depth discussion with your team over video, Zangi offers you the ultimate communications experience. You can take it a step further by choosing to use Zangi’s fully customizable White Label Softphone which allows you to rebrand the app with your company name and logo, along with many other options.



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