HD Video Calls that sound good and look good

Broken-up conversations, muffled voices and dropped calls have become a thing of the past with the emergence of HD video calls from Zangi. Advocates of HD voice use the cliché of a call sounding as clear and natural as if you are talking with the person in the same room. In the past, video calls were not always used because of speed limitations and call quality issues; such as buffering videos, distorted voices, and broken visuals. Fortunately, these issues have been fixed by Zangi’s newest app. Whether you are in a public space, a conference room or at an airport Zangi allows you to stay connected and take advantage of crystal clear calls.

Here is list of benefits that Zangi has to offer:

1) Improved Clarity: 720p video quality so you can enjoy a better image when on a call.

2) Convenience. Zangi allows you to make HD video calls from anywhere in the world with the same kind of quality you’d have if you were in the same place.

3) Clear communication: HD voice is a clear winner when it comes to international calls. Using HD voice you will have clarity while speaking or listening to others.

4) Low data usage: Save your money by saving your data with Zangi. By activating the “Low Data Usage” in slow or expensive networks, this platform allows you to save money by using much less data and without disrupting your calls quality.

There are still plenty of other benefits of HD Video/Voice calls, like easy integration and better comprehension but these are just some of the highlights of the features that Zangi has to offer.



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