Take your business online using this new eCommerce platform

Nowadays, eCommerce is on the rise and Zangi is doing its part to contribute to the industry by presenting an eCommerce platform with top-class user-friendly features. Zangi has all the capabilities that an eCommerce marketer would want to have in an online shopping platform. You are able to exhibit product lines, deliver 24/7 customer service and manage all back-end operations effectively.


Stickers have been a great source of income for messenger apps. Whether the stickers are free or paid, people love to use a sticker to make a visual statement or just to spice up their conversation. This makes stickers another product and revenue source for messenger apps. Zangi provides a wide range of stickers through its built in eCommerce platform for their clients. You can also use this platform to sell your own stickers and monetize them. Selling stickers through the customized application is just one example of the platforms capabilities.

If you want to start selling online, you can use this platform to sell your own, or any other products and services. With a dedicated set of features and applications, Zangi is a step up from where eCommerce platforms running through plug-ins are at. Set the platform up properly and adjust the design according to how you want your online store to look. You have the freedome to completely customize the platform without spending a lot to do so.

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Zangi, a free VoIP softphone dialer with voice, video and instant messaging features

A VoIP softphone app is a program that installs to and runs directly from your phone. This app gives you the ability to make calls with over a VoIP service. Skype, Gtalk, and iChat are some of the more popular services, but there are many different platforms to choose from.

Companies often have their own proprietary softphones that are configured specifically for their business. An app like Zangi can help you to smoothly transition from a traditional phone environment into the world of VoIP. International and long-distance call rates are much more affordable when using a VoIP softphone, so those who make regular or frequent international calls can save on a major expense. Softphones are also a good choice for small and medium size companies who can save money by cutting their connections with high-priced traditional phone companies.


Zangi is one of the most advanced VoIP softphone apps available, with excellent HD voice quality and easy setup. Install Zangi on your phone and make crystal clear, echo free, voice or video calls through any connection ranging from 2G/EDGE to satellite or overloaded Wi-Fi. You simply need to download and register on the free app and open the softphone application to make calls. Whether you want to make a simple voice call with your business associate or an in-depth discussion with your team over video, Zangi offers you the ultimate communications experience. You can take it a step further by choosing to use Zangi’s fully customizable White Label Softphone which allows you to rebrand the app with your company name and logo, along with many other options.


Start your own VoIP business to streamline all the business operations

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology is a series of transmission capabilities that allows you to make communications over the internet. VoIP, also known as Internet telephony, works by converting sound into digital voice signals and then transferring it through internet broadband.  This means VoIP allows desktop users and businesses to make telephone calls over a computer equipped with a VoIP phone. Internet telecommunication offers unparalleled service and benefits over traditional phones.

With the advent of new applications, you can now make these VoIP calls through your iOS or Android smartphones. A few mobile VoIP services like Zangi have emerged and pioneered this promising industry by incorporating traditional functionality with terrific presentation. One of the major reasons the VoIP application has seen such a rapid growth is the growing availability of internet. Yes, the Internet coverage is not perfect around the world, but today it is unusual not to have 3G or 4G on the phone. There are almost no locations that don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. Another reason is the growth of the smartphone market. They are replacing regular phones rapidly because of their higher functionality and a wider range of features. Phones are no longer just for calling, they are a major tool for communication, research, entertainment and even a vital business tool.

With internet becoming available to all along with mobile apps, VoIP softphones are replacing regular GSM calls and messages. Now is the time to start a VoIP business for yourself in order to capitalize on this growing market. VoIP users vary, from users who simply want to make and receive calls online because of its cost-effectiveness to businesses who want to set up a large network to communicate internally and externally. It can be useful for heavy mobile users like travelers and business persons looking to streamline their operations and lower their overhead.

new-phonesCapabilities like video conference calling using your VoIP phone allows you to communicate with your co-workers and clients and easily discuss important deals, affairs, meetings, files, documents, etc… Even if your clients are abroad, you still have the capacity to set up important meetings without having to worry about traveling, connectivity issues, or other logistical problems. You need only to simply download the free Zangi Mobile messenger app from your app market, register, and begin a new chapter of communication!

Cheaper prices for international calls and free calls for parties using the same application sound appealing and reasonable to millions, which means the market is certainly there for you to start your VoIP business.

HD Video Calls that sound good and look good

Broken-up conversations, muffled voices and dropped calls have become a thing of the past with the emergence of HD video calls from Zangi. Advocates of HD voice use the cliché of a call sounding as clear and natural as if you are talking with the person in the same room. In the past, video calls were not always used because of speed limitations and call quality issues; such as buffering videos, distorted voices, and broken visuals. Fortunately, these issues have been fixed by Zangi’s newest app. Whether you are in a public space, a conference room or at an airport Zangi allows you to stay connected and take advantage of crystal clear calls.

Here is list of benefits that Zangi has to offer:

1) Improved Clarity: 720p video quality so you can enjoy a better image when on a call.

2) Convenience. Zangi allows you to make HD video calls from anywhere in the world with the same kind of quality you’d have if you were in the same place.

3) Clear communication: HD voice is a clear winner when it comes to international calls. Using HD voice you will have clarity while speaking or listening to others.

4) Low data usage: Save your money by saving your data with Zangi. By activating the “Low Data Usage” in slow or expensive networks, this platform allows you to save money by using much less data and without disrupting your calls quality.

There are still plenty of other benefits of HD Video/Voice calls, like easy integration and better comprehension but these are just some of the highlights of the features that Zangi has to offer.