Instant 2G messenger for business and data privacy

Our business has been using a widely recognized messenger in order to keep us in touch with members of our own company and our clients. Even with an email system in place, implementing a messenger will make communication easier for us. Rather than approaching someone for information, we can just buzz him/her through a personal instant messenger. Instead of leaving notes on the desk that may get lost, we can just send a quick message.

There are a variety of messenger applications like Yahoo and MSN in the market. However, there are some possible risks brought on by these messengers. It is not that these messengers are not used, but they are designed for personal and informal one-on-one communication. On the other hand, instant messengers like Zangi belong to a unique class of office productivity applications that enable you and your team to connect with each other both individually and collectively. Precisely designed for enterprises, this instant messenger is loaded with a full spectrum of features and attributes specifically tailored for workplace communications. You are even able to customize the entire application with your own name, color scheme, and logo.

Some of the unique features are:

Uninterrupted communication in a secure environment:

A instant 2G messenger for enterprises allows employees within an organization to communicate freely without any privacy concerns in a safe and secure environment, regardless of the size of the firm. All your messages and chats are fully encrypted in both directions and cannot be decoded even if intercepted as it does not store your messages and contacts on it’s servers.


Security-Enabled File Transfers re shared among employees. Your employees and colleagues can both send and receive any type of fil

The encryption is also extended to files or media that are shared among employees. Your employees and colleagues can both send and receive any type of files from Excel sheets, charts, confidential employee performance reports to multimedia files without any fear of leaks or intrusions.

Add Mobility to Communication

Employees can access this 2G messenger easily over their android or iOS phone anywhere and anytime. This flexibility allows for mobility inside of your business and increases efficiency by making the communication easier, faster, and more reliable than ever.

Easy to Customize

Now you can strengthen the identity and branding of your business by customizing Zangi’s design and features according to your firm’s theme and logo. You can use your company name and logo instead of Zangi’s in order to have a completely custom application that is unique to you.

If you are searching for a better and more cost-efficient messenger for your business, Zangi is one of the best alternatives that works everywhere and in any Internet connection conditions ranging from 2G/EDGE to Wi-Fi.


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