Which messenger service is the perfect choice in terms of low data usage?

There are many ways of video or voice calling apps to connect with your relatives or colleagues over the Internet. With a long list of apps, which one uses the least amount of data? Well, the answer is obvious! Zangi is a messenger application, with the least data usage available for iOS and Android.

Low data usage?

Low data usage is very important nowadays. So if messenger can work with the slowest Internet connections from Wi-Fi connection or using 2G/EDGE network without compromising on quality, it’s a huge plus.


With Zangi everything is very simple; just activate “low data usage” mode and talk 7 minutes while using 1MB of the Internet when you’re in slow or expensive satellite networks. While comparing Zangi’s low data usage feature with WhatsApp’s low data feature we found Zangi as the most cost effective one; imagine you talk 10 minutes in Zangi and use only 1.2 MB, while Whatsapp uses 1.9 MB.

Fast and secure messaging and file sharing

This messenger also makes the file sharing process extremely fast, easy and secure. A strong encryption feature ensures that all your messages are encrypted. Moreover, Zangi does not store your messages on it’s servers and when you delete your message history in your phone no one will ever find them2G messenger   .

Better privacy protection

Whenever you make a video or voice call, all your communication is safe and secure. An end-to-end encryption helps you make all your business related communication safe and private like a face-to-face conversation. This messenger never stores your any kind of messages and contacts on the servers.

Have you tried this app before or just want to try it? Download the app and enjoy Free Calls and Video Chats all over the world.

Source URL : http://zangimessenger.blogspot.com/2017/01/which-messenger-service-is-perfect.html


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