Select an instant 2G messenger for your business to stay connected securely

The advent of the Internet has brought a revolution in the world of business. Today, there are innumerable online businesses operating on the Internet. The management and administration of online business are somewhat different than the traditional ones, but one thing is common that both of them make use of Internet for increasing their productivity and customer base, thus business. Almost every business out there is making use of online applications such as instant messenger for communication with their clients, employees, and peers.

Almost every Internet user is familiar with an instant messenger such as MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk and Whatsapp. All these messengers are being used by common net surfers for communication in real time using text messages. Some messenger also has voice and video capabilities that provide the best user experience. However, when you use these messengers for corporate use, these are not secure enough to be used. Transmission of sensitive data and communications over the Internet is completely unsafe and insecure. There is also a concern with the data being intercepted by unauthorized people.

 Keeping this in mind, the Zangi 2G messenger has come up on the market with a unique B2B White Label solution for the corporate clients. This is only company that offers you an ability to build your own customized app that fit exactly according to your business model. No matter whether you have 2G/edge Internet connection or a high-speed wifi, Zangi allows you to stay securely connected without compromising the quality of the voice or video calls.


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